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The 3%

We have come so far from our disastrous Launch Day to me being on the radio this week talking about GirlBlazer, and today, with the support of our incredible backers, we are just 3% short of our goal with 5 days left of the campaign!

Khloe inspires me every day, but today I want to celebrate the everyday acts of heroism in every kid's life. My daughter, just a few weeks ago, was desperately afraid of heights, but also desperately wanted to reach the top of the climbing wall at our local Kids Gym. She would not climb at all unless my hands were on her hips, and of course, I am not tall enough to hold her all the way to the top. The metaphor is not lost on me: she felt she could not reach the top without me, but with me, she could not reach the top.

But last week, when my back was turned playing ball with her brother, she climbed all the way up on her own. I did not even know she had tried until I heard her yell, "Mama, Mama, look at me!" Khloe's story is one of obvious heroism, but I know her remarkable mother Alisha, and I know that these achievements of bravery started small, like climbing the last 3% on your own when your mother's back is turned. (Side note, I have not included the photo of my daughter's ecstatic smile at the top of the much-higher climbing wall to avoid sharenting!)

I hope that as her mother, I am also setting an example of bravery, doing something that scares me, throwing myself - and my savings! - into this GirlBlazer thing that has been brewing in my heart for the last three years.

Thank you to my backers for investing what you can - whether it's $10 or much more - in this dream of empowering girls and boys alike to discover their own heroic climbs and the bravery to reach the top!

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