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Telling stories that empower and inspire children and adults is our passion

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When founder and CEO Cora Stryker became a mom, she had an insight: instead of reading her daughter books about talking animals and famous adults, why not tell stories about the other Malalas of the world, girls from Los Angeles to Morocco who are becoming the change they want to see in the world? GirlBlazer's mission is to inspire a new generation of global change makers to become GirlBlazers -- or BoyBlazers. Each book tells the story of one remarkable girl: 8 year-old Khloe Thompson who started sewing care bags for homeless people in her neighborhood, and real-life Ada Twist Scientist, Jothi Ramaswamy, who taught herself how to code at age 10 and started a nonprofit at 13 to get more girls interested in coding. We believe telling stories about kids who take action to change the world will inspire kids to take action themselves -- and to start now.


Founder and CEO Cora Stryker then had another idea -- why not empower the girls to tell their own stories in their own words? Building on her experience teaching creative writing workshops to kids, she ran one-on-one workshops with the GirlBlazers, then edited their words into stories that follow the 3-part structure of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey: this is my life, this is my challenge, this is how I addressed and overcame my challenge. Casting the GirlBlazers as the heroes of their own lives, we believe, will inspire all readers, regardless of age or gender, to become the heroes of their own lives: If Khloe and Jothi did it, then I can do it too. All the GirlBlazer authors receive royalties, and we hope that telling their stories in the form of picture books will bring awareness of their good work to a new audience of parents and children.

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