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Our books are about real girls who are the leaders of tomorrow and the change makers of today: 8 year-old Khloe Thompson who started a nonprofit to help homeless women in her neighborhood and Jothi Ramaswamy who taught herself to code at 10 and started an organization at 13 to teach more girls how to code. We do creative writing workshops with our GirlBlazers to help them find their voices and write their own stories, then edit their words into high-quality picture books that inspire girls and boys alike to become life-long change makers -- and to start now. All of our GirlBlazers receive royalties and we hope that telling their stories in the form of children's books will not just inspire the next generation, but will also bring awareness of their orgs to a new audience of parents and kids. 


Girls Are Already Changing the World


GirlBlazer 1: The Story of Khloe Thompson, by Khloe Thompson

When she was eight years old, Khloe started asking questions about the homeless people in her neighborhood. Why were they homeless? Why weren't other people helping them? She started talking to one homeless woman, Michelle, asking questions about what would help her. Then, she had an idea. She was learning how to sew at the time, and she decided to sew a hand-made bag for Michelle and fill it with the items Michelle told her she needed: toothpaste, deodorant, tarps, blankets, and more. Helping one person empowered her to help more. Now, through the nonprofit she started with her mother, Khloe Kares, she accepts donations and hand-sews about 10 Kare bags a week. This is the remarkable story of a young girl who was not afraid to see people in need, and take action to help them.

Khloe Sewing.jpg


GirlBlazer 2: The Story of Jothi Ramaswamy, by Jothi Ramaswamy

Jothi was a scientist before she knew what science was. She ran experiments with the grass in her backyard and taught herself how to code at age 12. Now, at 16, she does computer science research at Columbia University and, with the help of her mother, founded and runs a nonprofit, ThinkSTEAM, to get more girls interested in STEM. This story is a real-life Ada Twist Scientist, the story of one girl's inexhaustible curiosity and drive to build what has never been built before.

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